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Beard Transplant Procedure

Beard hair transplant are often finished each male WHO hasn’t been able to grow his beard or has been losing beard hair for a few reason. Beard is taken into account an emblem of masculinity and it makes a person a lot of assured and engaging. Now-a-days, keeping a beard has become trendy with vogue icons like Virat Kohli, Ranveer Singh, and Fawad Khan sporting their stylish beards. These area unit role models for our younger generation and other people aim to be like them, and take a look at to imitate their appearance.

Patients WHO don’t have enough beard hair density, explore for varied alternatives to develop a thick and luscious beard. this is often one amongst the factors that creates Beard hair transplant thus stylish of late, and other people area unit
becoming more and more inquisitive about it. due to trendy science, it’s currently attainable to grow the hair of your beard with a natural hair transplant.

Hair growth within the beard and hair space may be distributed thanks to genetic, environmental, or secretion influences Indications Of Beard/Moustache Transplant:

Sparse growth in these areas thanks to genetic/hormonal reasons
Long standing and stable alopecia (preferably when a check patch)
Post-traumatic/ post-operative/accidental/burn scars in these areas.
ClinicGen.Next hair transplant clinic offers the most effective beard treatment in Delhi as a permanent resolution. The beard transplant may be a extremely skilled work that ought to be done by Associate in Nursing tough hair doctor. At ClinicGen.Next our team of doctors and surgeons beneath the steerage of Dr. Kunal Singh offer you with a logical, rational Associate in Nursingd realistic resolution in an esthetically appealing means.

In this surgery, the doctor initial extracts the hair follicles from the donor aspect i.e., the rear aspect of your head then implants them into the facial space to convey you an ideal beard form. it’ll take virtually ten weeks when the transplantation to begin shaving usually.

People who have distributed beard hair and square measure choosing a beard transplant might have a scalp hair transplant additionally at some purpose in life if they develop male pattern phalacrosis in future. that’s why, it’s vital to be realistic and rational choose the amount of grafts and therefore the technique of graft extraction for beard because the main donor web site in each these cases is back of head.

Things to stay in mind before choosing the beard transplant:

The age of the patient ought to be a minimum of 24- twenty five years.
He mustn’t be stricken by the other reasonably phalacrosis.
He ought to have a healthy donor space.
The decision of the degree of the beard ought to be mutual (transplant
surgeon and patient).
At ClinicGen.Next, we tend to additionally do a great deal of repair transplants for each scalp and beard. the problems we tend to encounter usually throughout repair beard transplant embody uneven hair growth, hairs placed at wrong
angles and cobble-stoning of skin (which are seen even when shaving the hair and so makes shaving troublesome, too).


A lot of advancement has been created in medical and surgical restoration of natural hair, however there square measure some special cases wherever these techniques fail to produce associate aesthetic and long-run resolution. artificial hair implants facilitate to bridge this gap by providing a fast, effective and natural wanting result.

Biofibre is a man-made biocompatible hair created by Medicap, Italy whereas Nido has been developed by Nido Corporation, Japan.
These are created when years of intensive analysis for males and females full of hair cutting or depilation.
These square measure manufactured from advanced inert materials that square measure well accepted by the build.
This technique has been accustomed treat all reasonably phalacrosis for quite a pair of decades currently in varied components of the planet.
These hairs square measure accessible in numerous color shades, totally different lengths (15,30 & forty five cm); straight, wavy, curly, afro; so, they’ll be chosen relying upon patient’s hair color & sort.
Each fibre encompasses a special reversible knot that provides a superb strength to those implants; at constant time, it permits complete fibre removal if needed thanks to any reason.

Your bald patches will be instantly lined with these natural trying artificial hairs. it’s virtually not possible to differentiate between these fibres and your own hair. These hairs will be washed & combed like natural hairs. in contrast to weaving or wig, these fibres are literally planted within the scalp one by one.


-Time constraint: If a patient has some necessary life event like wedding
coming up and also the time for results of natural hair transplant to come back is
insufficient, he or she could select an artificial implant.
-Poor donor: If the donor space is deficient for a triple-crown natural hair
transplant, patients typically select artificial implant to induce a totally natural
looking result.
-Exhausted donor: In some patients, the donor space at the rear of scalp gets
exhausted thanks to previous unsuccessful natural hair transplants. Such patients
can select artificial implants alone or a mix approach mistreatment hair,
scalp micropigmentation and artificial hair implants.
-Phobia of a surgical operation of hair restoration.
-Alopecia Totalis or phalacrosis universalis: These area unit a form of response
disease wherever patients lose all their hair from the scalp or from everywhere the
body. artificial hair implants will facilitate restore their appearance and confidence.
-Post traumatic or post-operative scars
-Scarring phalacrosis

Advantages of artificial hair implantation:

1. Instant results: The results ar immediate and you don’t have to be compelled to stay up for 6-8 months like in a very natural hair transplant procedure.
2. wonderful cosmetic acceptance: These fibres look specifically like natural hairs & it’s laborious to differentiate these hairs from your own hair.
3. No limit in number: there’s no constraint in their offer, therefore you will take as several fibres to induce your required hairstyle.
4. they are available in numerous colours and lengths therefore you’ll be able to customise them as per your hair sort and elegance.
5. token pain and period of time

Points to recollect before choosing artificial hair implant:

1. Not a permanent solution: The longevity of those implants is restricted as there’s a 10-20% loss each year. you’ll need to get re-implantations done roughly once a year to keep up the density.
2. Regular cleaning:
Our scalp, being a living tissue, frequently produces dead cells and secretion that tends to accumulate at the bottom of those fibres. These secretion plugs ought to be clean on an everyday basis (at least, once in three months). If care isn’t taken, it’s going to cause microorganism infection, skin injury and hair loss. improvement may be a easy procedure & any of your members of the family or native barber will bed when a bit
● little bit of coaching.
3. check patch:
Although these are created when in depth analysis and usually biocompatible, they’ll cause foreign body reactions in 1-2 you look after the cases. therefore a check patch of around one hundred biofibres is completed then evaluated at 3-4 weeks to rule out any foreign body reaction.
4. Once cut, they are doing not have the capability to grow back long. therefore you wish to be terribly careful once visiting a salon for a haircut. High close temperatures and warmth styling ought to even be avoided.
5. Expensive: As these fibres ar factory-made beneath patent solely in Italy(Biofibre) and Japan(Nido), they have to be foreign so price are often a limiting issue for a few patients.

ClinicGen.Next has been playing artificial hair implants for the past sixteen years. Our establishment has performed the best range of fortunate artificial hair transplants. The clinic’s main USP is that the quickness and accuracy with that these fibres ar ingrained, likewise because the natural look of the outcomes. in a very single session, we are able to do up to 5000 fibres that is significantly sooner than trade standards. Even 10,000 are often completed in 2 days destructive the necessity for perennial visits, particularly vital for patients WHO live remote. we tend to believe the key principle of “Less hairs, a lot of coverage” thereby supplying you with a a lot of natural fuller look. the worth of biofibres vary greatly at completely different centres, however whereas finalising this treatment target the standard of fibres and also the expertise of the physician. A fortunate and property BIOFIBRE TRANSPLANT may be a combination of art and surgical skills, 2 things Dr. Kunal Singh excels at!

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