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Thread Lift

Thread lifting is one of the most growing anti-ageing treatments. It is a non-surgical treatment that brings a budgetary substitute to face or neck lift. The procedure is designed to raise the brows and cheeks, neck, and soften lines over the mouth and nose. The effects of a thread lift are often noticeable for 6 to 8 years after treatment.

For many patients, the thread lift method can result in a calming, rejuvenating appearance, while retaining and enhancing the natural shape of the face. The thread lift method can be used to give you a refined, natural look result that reconstructs and adds volume to the for a more young youthful appearance, as well as gentle and smoothing premature ageing skin and lifting drooping soft tissue of the mid and lower face.

Lower-Risk: Non-surgical thread facelift does not lead to invasive treatment, There is minimal with little to no side effects. Conventional facelifts constrain the use of general procedures and can result in complications such as infection, scarring, etc.

Lower Cost: Thread lifts are far more affordable than the proper traditional surgeries.

Faster recovery: Thread lifts require little to no time. Old facelift treatments require a few weeks or even months of reconstruction time and usually involve pain, scarring, bruising, and swelling from the treatment, as well as several other assistance and medication to treat pain.

More Natural results: A Thread lift procedure is far more profound and has natural-looking improvements to the face. The old technique of surgical facelifts often results in strain looking faces, leading to a look of a wholly contrasting appearance altogether.

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