Advanced PRP

Advanced PRP is one of our innovative treatment for hair fall with impressive results and benefits of three different technology which is PRP, microneedling and low-level laser therapy all combined in one session. Treatment is quick, effective and virtually painless, thus giving far more efficient results than a regular PRP session.
PRP is a process that uses patient's own cells to promote regrowth in the area of hair thinning or shedding on the scalp. Low level laser therapy uses different wavelengths of lights which has unique ability to stimulates the epidermal stem cells which are responsible for the regeneration of hair follicles. It causes vasodilation and accelerate blood circulation around hair follicle which helps to increase delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles making the hair thicker, stronger and healthier. In advance PRP we also combine Microneedling for better penetration of PRP and other hair growth factors. This triple technique combination procedure assures more efficient, faster and enhanced results
When Low-level laser therapy and Microneedling is used alongside with PRP, positive effects of PRP treatments intensify. Though multiple session will be required, but you can expect long term results after 3-4 sessions of treatment. However, you can also take hair nutrients, multivitamin supplements prescribed by Dr Singh along with advanced PRP for optimum results work on internal deficiency and hence maintain the results achieved from the treatment sessions.

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