Beard Transplant Treatment

Beard Hair Transplant is very common today. Beard Transplant in Delhi,Most of the men suffering from the beard patches. In case of that we take hair from the donor area that is back of the head and then we will transplant that hair to the beard. The beard hair transplant takes 2-4 hours and due to the good availability of hair at the donor area so hair transplant rate is 100% successful rate.

Body or Beard Hair Transplant is a revolutionary concept gaining high popularity among those patients who have poor supply of donor hair at the back of head. Beard Transplantation surgery is done taking hair from other body parts like beard, chest, axillae, arms or legs and pubic area. Beard hair is considered as the good option for transplant due to its more thickness in diameter than scalp hair. In addition, beard hair can grow to any length.


  • The growth is very good.
  • As we have good hair taken from donor area the resulted beard is thick and full.
  • Natural growth of beard starts in few months that is one of the good solution.
  • Boon for people who are completely bald or have insufficient hair on the head.
  • Ideal to rectify the scarring on the scalp area including the scars and other results of previously performed transplantation process
  • Enhance the possibilities of restoration by taking hair from other parts of the body
  • Leaves minimal or almost invisible traces in the donor area
  • Patients can remove unwanted hair from the body for transplantation
  • Perfect for eyebrow and eyelash restoration
  • After the procedure, patients can naturally maintain hair by having a regular trimming or shaving
  • Permanent hair transplant solution
  • Offer natural appearance to the face of patients

  • Beard or Moustache reconstruction

    Nowadays people of different age groups especially the age group of 20 to 30 years of male patient have a scanty beard and moustache. Due to some genetic, environmental or hormonal disturbance less growth of hair are seen in the beard and moustache areas. The technology of hair transplant are advancing at a faster pace, so Satya hair transplant clinic brings a permanent solution to these patients looking for beard hair transplant for their thinning zones.

    There are only a few Beard hair transplant clinic in Delhi who offers complete treatment to their patients. In beard hair transplant or reconstruction few hair are removed with the help of FUE technique and then these hair are implanted on to the beard and moustache area. These hair grow naturally to give you an immense dense and absolutely natural looking Beard. Satya clinic is one of the renowned beard hair transplant clinic in Delhi offering artistic beard hair transplant results at an affordable cost. The results of satya clinic are outstanding and you can read real reviews about our work by subscribing to our youtube channel

    We here at ClinicGen.Next’s Dermatology Clinic make sure that every patient who is coming for the hair transplant treatment understand the procedure and the benefits of FUE technique. We believe in giving detailed information to the patients coming to us with the problem of hair loss beginning from the discussion of causes of hair loss to the expected outcomes without misleading or giving fake promises.

    Clinic Gen.Next is a specialized Beard Transplant Clinic in Delhi which offers valuable and guaranteed solutions of Beard Transplant cost in Delhi. The capabilities of the doctors and surgeon of Satya can be judged by the results be it the density of implanted hair, their looks, hairline, etc. The expert doctors have been doing hair transplantation in difficult areas like eyebrows, beard, moustache, scars, scarring alopecia and eyelashes. With state-of-the-art tools and methods, the doctors have been performing Beard Transplantation surgeries taking hair from areas that are difficult to operate with special care and expertise. So, get maximum coverage of head with limited donor area in the scalp at affordable Beard Transplant Cost.

    Body or Beard Transplantation is perfect for those bald patients, who do not have sufficient hair in the donor area of their head. Due to insufficient hair in or around the back of the head, hair is taken from other parts of the body

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