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ClinicGen.Next Dermatology Clinic has become the most trusted Hair & skin care clinic in Delhi given to its world-class dermatology treatments, highly professional and amiable dermatologists, aestheticians and nurses. The clinic located in PitamPura (North-West Delhi) has been founded by one of the Best Hair & Skin Specialist in Delhi; offers a wide range of clinical and cosmetic dermatology services. The lead dermatologist and the founder of the clinic, Dr. Kunal Singh is the Best Hair & Skin Specialist in Delhi who has worked extensively in Dermatology, Venerology, Leprosy, Dermato-surgical procedures, and Cosmetic Dermatology. He has a vast experience in treating patients with all kinds of Hair & skin disorders and is considered as the Best Dermatologist in Delhi for Hair Treatments. ClinicGen.Next™ Dermatology Clinic provides advanced dermatology treatments for Hair & skin conditions including psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, acne, warts, melasma, keloids, Baldness, Hair thining and much more. Therefore, Dr. Kunal Singh has earned the trust of his patients as a leading dermatologist in Delhi. He aim is to provide comprehensive dermatology care including online consultation, quick response time, advanced treatments, exceptional and fast treatment results. If you would like to find out more about our clinical, cosmetic or premium dermatology services, treatments, you can schedule an online consultation with our expert dermatologist now. Last but not least if you are looking for the best dermatologist in Delhi, you have come to the right place! Dr. ClinicGen.Next™ specializes in providing solutions such as Hair Treatment,skin brightening, pigmentation removal, laser treatments for hair removal and everything else related to skin & hair health as far as brides & grooms are concerned.

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Dr. Kunal Singh brings vast experience and professional expertise to hair restoration. He specializes in hair transplant surgery and has performed more than Upto 5000 hair transplant procedures in the last two decades. A University of MAMC (Maulana Azad Madical College) graduate and done specialization in hair transplant surgery from Greifswald university of Germany, leader in his field, Dr. Kunal Singh a warm welcome to all visitors to this website. At our clinic, Dr.Kunal Singh provides patients with hair loss evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations. A recognized leader in the field of hair transplant and restoration, Dr. Kunal brings additional experience and surgical expertise to the Hair Transplant Institute of Delhi. Dr. Kunal Singh is expert of the Follicular Isolation Technique (FIT), a revolutionary new method of hair surgery that extracts individual donor hairs without making a visible linear scar. Dr. Kunal also developed the Ledge Trichophytic closure technique to further reduce the signs of surgical hair restoration via transplant procedure. We invite visitors to browse our website to learn more about our leading surgical and non-surgical transplant and restoration options. We are pleased to offer the following treatments for men and women who suffer with hair loss:Hair transplant surgery. Our clinic offers a number of transplant options, including strip-donor procedures, and robotic follicular unit extraction (FUE) transplants with the revolutionary new System.


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