Strech Marks Removal

Strech Marks Removal

Stretch marks occur in both men and women, but are more common in women, up to 90% of women experience stretch marks during their weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy or puberty. Men may experience stretch marks because of weight gain and weight loss and other forms of gains.

If you are distressed about your stretch marks or want to remove them, there is a safe and effective treatment option available that will correct your appearance and give you back your confidence with industry-leading stretch mark removal treatment.

The stretch marks are a challenging problem. They form deep within the dermis layer. This happens as a result when the skin undergoes rapid stretching, the stress causes damage to skin connective tissue. When the body starts healing these tears, small red scars form which gives the appearance of stretch marks. Over a period of time, these turn into stubborn white coloured stretch marks.

These stretch marks appear as smooth bands and slowly develop into narrow streaks and lines. Depending on skin tone they can also appear as red or purple but with a period of time, they fade leaving white, pale marks. Stretch marks can develop due to pregnancy, rapid weight gain, obesity, puberty, weight lifting or certain medical conditions.

At. ClinicGen.Next Dermatology Clinic, we are equipped with advanced laser technologies that are designed to specifically work on the stretch marks. The protocols are carved to not only treat stretch marks but also significantly improve overall skin tone, elasticity, and texture. The treatment is intended to resurface the chosen area of the skin. Unlike traditional non-ablative laser, this does not remove the complete skin layer, instead creates selective small perforations in the skin leaving the surrounding tissue intact, thus reducing the downtime of treatment and helping skin heals faster as epidermis regenerates.

The micro-injuries created during the procedure will start the healing process as collagen remodels, skin tightens and texture improves. This protocol is completely safe. During treatment, the patient can feel mild heat sensation for about a couple of hours and then virtually no discomfort at all. The patient can witness downtime of about 5 days, minor scabbing can happen which will eventually fall off within 5 days on its own.

ClinicGen.Next, recommends successive sessions depending on the patient condition to visualize effective results and improvement will happen gradually.