Even if some types of pigmented lesions exist from birth, oftentimes pigment show one of the first signs of ageing. Pigmentation is a condition that causes the skin to darken in small brown spots or large patches. Although the condition is not harmful, it can also be a symptom of a medical condition. We do suggest that you see a dermatologist if you are bothered or want to have any treatment.

One of the biggest common skin problems that people are concerned about is Pigmentation. Almost 70-80% of adults suffer from this problem at some point in their life. Skin hyperpigmentation is big generated by abnormal production of melanin, which is the pigment responsible for skin colour. The consequences of uncontrolled and localized overproduction of melanin inside the melanocyte are irregular skin colour and dark spots. Melasma is a very common skin problem. The condition causes dark and discoloured patches on the skin. Multiple factors lead to this condition such as Genetic tendency, Inflammation, Hormonal Changes, Ageing, Sun Exposure, Photosensitizing medication, exposure to chemicals, etc.

Hyper Pigmentation Treatment works to correct dark pigmentation patches while regulating the overproduction of melanin in melanocytes. It works by lowering oxidative stress which reduces the production of melanin pigment. This further helps by inhibiting and controlling the development of new dark spots or patches. Hence, it has a dual treatment of both corrective and controlling, which helps in achieving short and long-term results by keeping hyperpigmentation and melasma under control. A blend of these magic ingredients helps in stimulating epidermal renewal and intensively combating the build-up of melanin. Hence, it gives an all-around effective result.

It is a dual step procedure in which the first application of the blend is always done by an expert doctor at the clinic. This aims at degrading and eliminating the dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Aftercare has to be rigorously followed to boost the depigmentation result of the magic application, keeping the production of new melanin under control, preventing the reappearance of the dark spots treated and controlling the appearance of new spots.

Follow your aftercare regime as suggested by ClinicGen.Next’s Dermatology Clinic to achieve and maintain the results for the long term.