Fue Treatment

Fue Treatment

FUE technique for Hair Transplant

Direct in” FUE( Follicular Unit Extraction) is a European and patented technique which is being used for hair transplant at ClinicGen.Next’s Dermatology Clinic for the brilliant results in hair restoration. It is the world’s most advanced technique of hair transplantation. Cosmetic reconstruction of eyebrows, beard as well as the creation of widow’s peak can be done with this technique. Stable vitiligo patches, as well as scarring alopecia, can also be treated by direct in FUE method.

Why is FUE technique for Hair loss a landmark advancement over the old FUT technique?

FUE means Follicular Unit Extraction method. Hair grows in groups of two to four groups, and each group is known as the follicular unit. In FUE technique, the whole group of a follicular unit is extracted with automated punches. It is more beneficial over the old FUT technique in the following manner:

  • 1. No Knife and cut by the blade, so it is an ideal solution for patients who are afraid of cuts and scars.
  • 2. The painless procedure as it requires no cutting and stitching, so no hassle of suture removal is involved.
  • 3. Minimal downtime.
  • 4. No complication of scar like scar hypertrophy etc.
  • 5. No admission is required as it’s a day care surgery.
  • 6. The procedure is safe and comfortable as done by giving a local anesthesia to scalp only. Patients can talk, watch TV while their hair transplant procedure is going on.
  • 7. Graft Transection which means cutting off the follicles is more with FUT that leads to unnecessary hair wastage in the precious donor area.

The Procedure

The procedure by FUE technique usually takes 4 to 6 hours with regular breaks. The hair transplant procedure done via FUE technique wherein the patient’s non-bald areas such as the back of the scalp are used as “Donor” areas from where individual follicles are plucked out by a very refined extracting technique and implanted one by one in the bald area directly without creating any reception holes. Apart from the back of the scalp, beard area, chest and back can also be used for extraction of individual follicles to harvest. In one day approx 5000 hair can be implanted.

Post-treatment care

The procedure is painless and requires minimal downtime. The patient will be fit to go back to their work and perform daily routine activities from the very next day. The final growth of hair takes approximately 6 to 9 months to be visible and is long lasting. Once the appropriate growth occurs patients can gel them, style them, colour them and cut them just like before.

We here at ClinicGen.Next’s Dermatology Clinic make sure that every patient who is coming for the hair transplant treatment understand the procedure and the benefits of FUE technique. We believe in giving detailed information to the patients coming to us with the problem of hair loss beginning from the discussion of causes of hair loss to the expected outcomes without misleading or giving fake promises.

FUE Results